Monday, March 30, 2015

Pocket for Saving and Sharing the Web

One of my favorite tools is Pocket. I use Pocket for most of my bookmarking of websites and articles. Pocket helps me stay organized and top of the many ideas and resources I find online. I use the Pocket Chrome ExtensionPocket Chrome App, and Pocket iPad App multiple times a day. 

Here are a few reasons to try out Pocket:
  • Everything you save is searchable.
  • You can group stuff using tags.
  • Pocket allows you to save, tweets, articles, images, videos, and more from the web.
  • Once saved to Pocket, the list of content is visible on any device — phone, tablet or computer.
  • Pocket will sync anything you saved for offline reading anyplace and anytime.
  • You can also share anything you save directly from the Pocket through a variety of tools.

Check out all the Apps and Browser tools making Pocket such versatile tool: Pocket Applications

How can you use this to support teaching and learning? Please share your ideas below. 

Friday, March 27, 2015

Clean Print Chrome Extension

Happy Spring Break! A tool I have used several times in the past week is the Chrome Extension CleanPrint. CleanPrint allows you to remove ads and other parts of a website/article and save it to Google Drive along with several other options. My students used CleanPrint to quickly save online articles to Google Drive. Student research groups saved their articles to a shared Google folder to quickly create a group repository of research. I used CleanPrint to print out articles for a bulletin board. CleanPrint removes ads and allows you to delete portions of the page to save paper.

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Pump It Up!

Get students moving in your classroom! Sitting all day is exhausting, and this is a reason why students lose focus during the school day.

Move It is an impressive Chrome Extension that encourages physical activity, and it can easily be used in the classroom. Click here for more information about Move It and to download the extension.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Kahoot! Assessment Tool

Kahoot is similar to Socrative, but it uses a game-based  approach that is similar to apps like Trivia Crack.  Teachers can make their own quizzes ("Kahoots") or search for quizzes from the library.  Students compete against each other to answer quickly and accurately in order to win the game.  Results can be downloaded and analyzed to uncover student who are struggling with the concepts.  Kahoot is available for iOS, Android, Windows and on the web.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Gooey over Goobrics!

This is not a brand new tool BUT it has been reworked to be even more useful to the teacher. As a science teacher I have much less writing to assess than my English and Social Studies counterparts. A few weeks ago, a SocialStudies colleague wanted to try "this Doctopus Goobric thing."

I had heard of this tool but never looked into it. BOTTOM LINE three tools combine as one to make life more efficient for a rubric grading facilitator of learning.

Video tutorial embedded at END OF POST

Google Classroom organizes classroom content and delivers it to the student as well as stores turned in assignments to Google Drive.

Doctopus sets up all the scripts to take assignments from Google Classroom and links to connect students and teacher and vice versa... all this information is stored on a single google sheet.

Goobric connects the rubric of choice (template or teacher created) to the student assignment on the same screen. The teacher sees the rubric up top, the student assignment is on the bottom and feedback is on the right.

Doctopus App & Goobric Extension
This tool is a perfect digital fit that changes the way feedback is offered from teacher to student with rubric assessment. This tool empowers the teacher to grade and offer feedback from an ipad, chromebook, computer as they assess the artifact... rather than carry crates of paper copies. Immediately following assessment the teacher can publish it and it is shared instantly back to the student... rather than hand deliver each during instructional time. The transfer is digital and the completed rubric is attached to the assignment for the student to challenge, reflect and apply to the next assignment.

The best part of this tool is that it works seamlessly with Google Classroom so it removes even more steps to set up for the teacher. Set up is simple and requires three steps. The teacher that inspired this post has 17 years experience and self proclaims digital dumbness (although the actions this teacher has already invested are paying dividends!)

This ASSESSMENT TOOL benefits...

The teacher because it removes clerical steps in collecting and delivering feedback manually. Organizes feedback and archives student work as artifacts for evaluation or demonstrating student growth. 

The student because it integrates with google drive/classroom seemlessly and is very clear regarding feedback and assessment marks.

Monday, March 23, 2015

Google Apps for Education Science Resources

Google Apps for Education is an incredible set of resources to support the 4Cs. The power of Chrome and Google can provide Science Teachers and Learners with some powerful tools to support learning and growth.

Choosito - Search and Learn

Choosito is a site built to help students and educators more effectively search the web. Some features of Choosito include:
  • Search the web or Choosito educational resources curated by educators
  • Narrow results by reading level and subject area.
  • Add resources of value to the Choosito library. 
  • Rate the quality of resources. These ratings are shared to help future searchers.
  • Suggested related resources.
  • Hide site categories you don't want in your search results. 

A bit more about the site:

Wednesday, March 18, 2015


InstaGrok is an educational (re)search engine that lets students research any topic in an engaging, visual way.  InstaGrok finds the best information on the topic and presents it as an interactive concept map ("grok") showing key facts, concepts and relationships, videos, images and more.  Users can pin their favorite material to their Grok and take notes in the built-in journals.  InstaGrak is available for iOS, Android and on the web.

Monday, March 16, 2015

Online Presentation Tools for Teaching and Learning

Good online presentations tools are collaborative allowing users to work as a team on a shared presentation and share it online with individuals or groups.

Monday, March 9, 2015

Google Classroom Tips, Tricks, and Training Resources

Google Classroom is a great tool from Google Apps for Education and provides a useful two-way communication option for teachers to use in their classrooms. Google Classroom is not a website; however, it does allow teachers to post announcements, assignments, and promote collaboration/communication in their classrooms.

Sunday, March 8, 2015

One Tab to Share Resources

There are many ways to share links with students, but I think I have a new favorite. Thanks to both Katie Aquino and Eric Hansen i discovered how easy it is to save and share a group of webpages with someone.

Katie shared how easy it is to save several tabs using the One Tab Chrome Extension. Later in the day Eric collected attendees in his session email addresses using a Google Form and shared out all the links from his presentation using a One Tab shared link. One Tab is a great extension for organizing and sharing web resources.

Collaboration and Communication using Google+ for Teachers and Students

Google+ Communities are a great resource for online discussions and sharing of resources for classrooms. Teachers can also use communities as part of their Personal Learning Networks. Communities also make great places for students to share and discuss their learning. Communities are the recommended method to create a managed Google+ online classroom.

Google Apps for Education Reading Resources for K-12

Google Apps for Education is an incredible set of resources to support the 4Cs. The power of Chrome and Google can provide Reading Teachers and Learners with some powerful tools to support learning and growth.

Google Tools for Education

There are some incredible resources connected to Chrome and Google Drive. These tools include Chrome Extensions, Chrome Apps, Drive Add-ons, and Drive Apps. Learning more about Google Tools to support teaching and learning can enhance the online learning experience for both teachers and students.

Learn more: Google Tools for Education PD Site

What are your favorite Chrome and Google Drive Tools to support the 4Cs? Share with us below!