Sunday, April 5, 2015

Keeping Up with Feedly

Twitter, Facebook. LinkedIn. Instagram. All of these (and other social media sites) make it easy for you to receive instant updates from people that you friend, follow or connect to on their networks. But if you want to keep up with online news or get the freshest information from your favorite blogs, you might try a news aggregator like Feedly.

Let's say that you are a social studies or science teacher and you want to keep up with current events in your topic area. Twitter and Facebook are great tools tools to use, but there are also wonderful blogs like the U.S. History Teachers Blog or news sites like Science Daily that provide resources and context or the latest news in your topic area.

Set up a free Feedly account and you can:
  • subscribe to the latest news, blog posts and other sites that have frequently updated content.
  • search for new sites to subscribe to using Feedly's internal search engine
  • organize your subscriptions into folders for easier organization
  • save articles for later access
  • share articles on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google Plus
  • efficiently sift through a ton of information in a short amount of time
  • access your Feedly account using a phone or tablet using the mobile app
  • add any content that uses an RSS feed (for intermediate or advanced users)

Following the websites you love from Feedly on Vimeo.