Thursday, April 9, 2015


Movenote is a wonderful Google App that allows teachers and students the ability to create presentations for others to view. With its recent updates, Movenote provides the option to create audio presentations and video presentations. Users can upload docs and presentations from their Google Drive or computer and then record their presentation with or without a video of the user on the screen. In addition, a recent update allows the presenter to draw on the slide in order to enhance the presentation and draw attention to what is most important.

Teachers can utilize Movenote by creating presentations that students can view at home while working on class work. In addition, if a teacher has a planned absence, he or she can record their lesson and have the substitute play the lesson for the class.

Students can utilize Movenote by creating presentations for class assignments. It promotes speaking skills and allows students to be creative with their presentations. Also, Movenote provides an outlet for sharing presentations, thus promoting communication and collaboration in the classroom. As with teachers, if a student has a scheduled absence during an assignment that requires them to present, Movenote is an option in order for students to still complete the assignment.

In order to utilize Movenote, go to and sign in with your Google account on the top right hand corner. If you want to utilize Movenote right from the Google Drive, click on New -> More -> Connect More Apps -> Search for Movenote.

Visit the Movenote Channel on YouTube to find more tutorials for this beneficial classroom resource.