Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Plickers - Instant formative Assessment with only 1 device

It would be great if all our students had their own devices, and all those devices worked all the time, and we could conduct seamless formative assessments to monitor student learning.   But for many classes, this is just a dream.  

With Plickers, you can still stake advantage of this capability - with only one device.

All you need is one iOS or Android device and you can collect data from your entire class.

Here is how Plickers work: 
  • You sign up for a free account. 
  • You create a class, assigning a number to each student. 
  • Plickers gives you a unique scannable image for each student that you print on a piece of paper.  They look like this: 

Each student's image means something different depending on how they turn it:  Facing one way, it means "A".  Facing another way, it means "B" - allowing for four possible answers.  This allow you to ask multiple choice questions and students can answer every one with that same sheet of paper, depending on how they hold it up. 

To gather responses, you simply hold up your smartphone or the iOS or Android device equipped with a reader and scan each student's card and the results are immediately collected in one spot on your device.

Watch a demonstration here:
I see this as being a great tool for exit slips.  Ask students a question and as they leave the room, can their code and instantly get feedback on their understanding.