Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Publishing Information with Picktochart!

Creating effective ways to deliver information is an art form that requires critical thinking and communication skills. The critical piece is more abstract in that the delivery has to be accurate and engage the reader to inquire further or be rewarded with clarification. The creation part has to appeal to the masses and provoke them to consider reading more in order for the message/content to be delivered as intended.

Picktochart is a simple to use technology tool that empowers students to create visual information more easily and in a form that is trending with social media. Info-graphics simply organize content in a visual way and by doing so effectively info-graphics promote discussion about the content they represent.

I recently challenged students to work collaboratively to create an assessment question based on their field experience to the Quarry. Simultaneously, I asked the students staying in class to work collaboratively to create an info-graphic to visually display and anchor a presentation about an Environmental Case Study.

COLLABORATION requires a simple Google doc to be set up. As the teacher, I set up the Google doc and empowered every student to EDIT it as they experienced the field trip via their smart phones. The resulting document for the field trip is linked here. The remaining students stayed back in class and completed a comprehensive note document of the Chesapeake Bay Case Study which is located here.

After the data has been compiled and time has been used to discuss and interpret students must be challenged to create a way to deliver that information to empower others with the same knowledge. One of the students decided to use Picktochart and the artifact created looks appealing and accurate. Some other students used traditional methods (paper and pen). Both were completed in the same time frame and I will allow you to determine which is product is more impactful on student learning.

Picktochart Tool for Instruction....                          Conventional Tool for Instruction....

The key to using technology to enhance the learning experience is realizing that the tool itself will NOT TEACH NOR LEARN. The tool can promote the information to be discussed and conceptualized more readily and that can teach others and learn others on a fundamental level!!