Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Tell a Story with MyMap

Many of us have used Google Maps to find directions to dinner, but have you tried using one to tell a story or to chronicle an event?  Have your students use MyMaps (now a part of Google Drive!) for storytelling. They can drop pins in the different locations a character visits and add in videos, images or text to talk about plot or character development. MyMaps allows you to add directions, points of interest and color-coated location markers in different shapes (a drop pin, star, square or circle). You can also draw lines to indicated borders or routes and add multiple sets of step-by-step directions, too.   At images and text or videos at different locations.  All of this can be sorted easy-to-manage layers of information.

Maps can be created on desktop Web browsers, but can be viewed and edited on computers or mobile devices. Once your map is made, you can email it, share it on Facebook, Twitter or Google+, and of course pull it up from the Google Drive whenever you need it.