Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Get more from your slideshows with Google App Pear Deck

Pear Deck is a simple presentation tool designed to enhance student learning during a slideshow. It allows you to create interactive presentations and assess student learning in real time. Ideally, each student in the class should have their own device to respond to the embedded assessments within the presentation.  Throughout, teachers can pause at points where they've added questions.  Teachers can view students' responses to these questions immediately, as well as post the results on-screen for all students to see.  Slideshows peppered with interactive assessments can support students' understanding and retention. A feature to give students choice in how they respond could help differentiate and give teachers a better look at student performance.

Pear Deck is free for students and teachers (with a higher end, paid premium model) and it fully integrates with Google Apps for Education.

When you sign in to your Pear Deck account, create a new interactive lesson by selecting “New Deck.” You can then create a slideshow from scratch or import a PowerPoint, Google Presentation, or PDF. Once you have imported an existing document or created your presentation within Pear Deck, you can go through and edit the slides incorporating free response (text), free response (number), and multiple choice questions within the slide.

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