Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Make Youtube more interactive with eduCanon

The internet is filled with videos that can teach any subject and can supplement any class.  Many teachers have used these videos and have transitioned to a flipped or blended model of teaching where students watch videos on their own time.  But holding students accountable for watching an assigned video, or making the viewing experience more active, is a challenge.  Without standing right over a student, how do we know they are really watching?

Enter eduCanon.  eduCanon is a free, web-based platform that allows you to build formative assessments right on top on any YouTube video.  The site has a lesson builder where you select a YouTube video and then you create your own multiple choice questions that go along with the video. You can embed questions at specific points.  You decide exactly when a questions will pop up during the video.

You can also monitor students results.  When you sign up as a teacher, you can create class lists, then assign lessons to those classes.  The site then gives you a breakdown of each student's responses.  
Here is how it works: