Monday, May 4, 2015

Tools for Interactive / Flipped Video Lessons

Flipped learning has been a popular ed buzzword over the last few years. I've seen some incredible examples of teachers flipping a unit or a full year. I personally prefer a bit more of a blended style. Sometimes I see incredible rewards in engaging students in a video outside of class. At other times the experience is much richer when we are in a room together and I can pause and discuss the video in class.

When you do decide to create or use an existing video there is a wealth of online resources that can turn the video into an interactive lesson for a 1 to 1, BYOD, or a flipped classroom. These tools can help teachers can assess engagement and understanding when videos are watched in or outside of the classroom.

Here are a few of my favorite tools to turn online videos into interactive learning experiences that engage students and deepen understanding. 

Zaption - Create Engaging Video Lessons
TEDEd - Lessons Worth Sharing

eduCanon - Unleash Video's Potential - Take Notes from Videos

EDpuzzle - Make Any Video a Lesson

Viologues - The Start of a Meaningful Conversation

What is your favorite tool to do more with video assignments?