Monday, June 15, 2015

Google Calendar's Appointment Slots

Google Apps for Education allows users to use a special feature in Calendar - Appointment Slots.

As an LMC Director, I use appointment slots so teachers can sign up a time for book fair previews, text book check out at the beginning of the new school year and at the end for textbook check in. As a classroom teacher, appointment slots can be used to let parents select a parent-teacher conference time slot. I'm sure there are many other uses for appointment slots!

Here's how it works;
Access your Google Calendar.
  • Choose the Daily, Week, or 4 Days view (appointment slots option will not show if one of these views are not used.)
  • Click on a day to add an event.
  • This menu box comes up with the Appointment Slots option. Select Appointment Slots. You can now choose the type of slot - a single appointment slot or slots of (you select time slot length) minutes. 
  • Now select Edit Event to continue making choices for your appointment slot.
  • Here you can add additional information about your appointment slots: Title, Time Block, Where, Description. 
  • A link to your appointment slots is also available on this menu. Be sure to copy that link so you can provide your desired audience with the link for choosing their preferred appointment slot. 
  • Visitors to this page will see a calendar showing the available appointments. They’ll also see their own calendar overlaid on the appointment page, making it easy to see what times work for them.
    To book an appointment, visitors simply click one of the available appointment buttons and click Save. Visitors can also edit other fields in the popup to make changes to the title, location, and event description.
    Appointments that have been booked won’t be visible to future visitors to the appointment page.
  • For a video on how this works, check out this link: