Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Privacy in your Google Doc - DocSecrets

Privacy is one of the biggest concerns when it comes to teachers and students collaborating in the Google Drive. As Google Apps for Education continues to improve their security, numerous apps, extensions, and add-ons can also help do the trick. DocSecrets is a new add-on that allows users the option to keep certain parts of a Google doc private to other collaborators, even if these collaborators have editing privileges. 

DocSecrets places color over certain parts of the doc that are password protected by the owner. After the owner installs and clicks on DocSecrets from the add-on bar, he/she is asked to create a password and then gets to choose what needs to be private from other users. When other users open up the document, the privileges granted by the owner will stay the same, but the text that was marked as private by the owner will not be viewable. The owner can then decide to make this text viewable as needed. 

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