Tuesday, July 28, 2015

So Happy Together.....Google Drive and Microsoft Office Edition

While we know and love that many teachers are going Google, there are still plenty of teachers who prefer Microsoft Office and worry that due to their differences, the two cannot work together. While people can upload Microsoft files to the Google Drive, it often becomes tedious because if any changes are made to the Microsoft files, the user has to re-upload them to the Google Drive in order to store the most current file.

Extra work = more time = frustrating

Well...the good news is that there is a new Google Drive plug-in for Microsoft Office. What's up!

This plug-in allows Office users to open their Microsoft files that are stored in the Google Drive and then save any changes they make right back onto their Drives. Also, if a person is working on a document, spreadsheet, or presentation on his/her computer, the plug-in gives the option to save the file directly to the Google Drive from the Office apps.

Microsoft Office and Google Drive users, rejoice!

Click here to download the plug-in
Official Google Release (My Resource)