Saturday, August 1, 2015

Add Animation to your Google Site

Need a little pop and style on your Google site? Well, just add some animation. You can add animated lines, animated words, and animated gifs. Before I explain how to make it happen, let me introduce you to a few sites to create or select your animated items.

First, one Chrome extension that I highly recommend is Save to Google Drive. Once authorized, this extension places a copy choice item on the mouse right click menu which allows you to save images and links directly in your Google Drive. This is important for adding the animated items to your Site. 

Animation sites: The first is This site allows you to create many different styles of text and buttons for FREE! Some of the styles are animated - 12 great options. Click on the logo that fits your style and a form opens for you to complete. The options there allow you to page through hundreds of fonts, colors, sizes. Add a shadow, background, etc. . . . you are the designer. Click on Next and you can save the image. Be sure to save the image, not make a copy of it to paste.  If you installed Save to Google Drive, right click over your design and save the image to your Drive. Another site similar to flamingtext is It's another free site that has more styles to choose from.

The second site is Heather's Animations. This is a site full of free animated gifs. I'm sure there are plenty other sites, but this one has a lot of fun items to use. Browse through and find ones you like. Right click and save the image to your Drive. 

Now for the even easier part . . . on your Site, edit your page, choose insert and choose Drive. On that fly-out menu, choose image. When the dialog box opens, choose one of your animated items, and click Select. 
Voila . . . you have animation on your Google Site. Here's a Site I had a little fun with to show you the possibilities . . . Animate your Site.

Please know that if you download your image to your device instead of your Drive, the image will not be animated. 

If you know any other sites that have great animated items, please reply and let us know!

Thanks go out to, and Heather's Animations for providing these free resources!