Saturday, August 29, 2015

Did you know Microsoft Could do that?

Secrets of the good-old-standbys are important to know. Even though I'm a Google Fanatic, I still use Microsoft products--frequently!  Here are some useful shortcuts that you may not know about . . .

Did you know you can pin a file to your Open Menu?
If you use a file frequently, you can pin it to the Open menu instead of having to go on the search for it when you need to use it. Simply hover over the desired file in Recent Documents and you'll see the pin, click it to pin it. It will stay at the top of your Open list!

You can pin files to the Open menu in just about all the applications in the Microsoft suite.

Did you know about the Quick Access Toolbar?
This toolbar is just above the menu ribbons. You can customize
that toolbar to meet your needs. Click on the down arrow and select the menu items you want to appear. I like to include New, Open, Quick Print, and Print Preview in Office and Excel. You can click on More Commands and choose what makes you happy! This toolbar helps cut down on the number of clicks to get to your frequently selected commands.

Note: the pins and quick menu setups must be set on each computer you use. 

Did you know you can pull up a contact card on a colleague who sent you an email? In Microsoft Outlook, both the online and desktop versions, if you hover over an email address in the To or From field, a small card pops up.

If you click on the two down arrows in the lower right corner, the whole card will pop open revealing detailed information about the contact. You can also select to schedule a meeting with the contact by choosing the small calendar icon. Selecting this icon will open a dialogue box to complete your meeting request. You can also hover over a listserv group and click the two down arrows to be able to see a listing of all of the recipients.

Okay, one last shortcut . . . to switch quickly between windows, applications or browser windows that you may have open, use Alt+tab. Hold down the Alt key and keep hitting tab until you land on the window you want to switch to, release and you're there.

If you have a favorite shortcut, share it in the comment box below!