Saturday, August 15, 2015

Student Selection - KidPicker

There are so many developers who create apps, scripts, sites, etc., for teachers. They should know just how appreciative we are for the work they do to support us! One I'd like to mention is Andrew Stillman over at New Visions Cloud Lab. He's the script writer for kidPicker - today's focus.

According to Stillman's description, "kidPicker is a tool that equitably randomizes the student selection process, allowing a teacher to maximize the spread of students selected on the same day. It also tracks simple teacher scorings (1,2,3) in a Google Spreadsheet." 
Once you install it, I'm sure you'll use it frequently!

Click this link to authorize this script: kidPicker You will see this on your screen, click to continue to authorization page: 

Now you need to click Create new tracker spreadsheet
The next screen will inform you "kidPicker participation tracker" has been created in your Drive. Refresh your browser to see the full kidPicker interface." 
Leave this Chrome tab open and go to your Drive and access that new Sheet. 
  • In your sheet, add your student names. You can change the sheet name from Class 1 to your class name. If you teach multiple classes, add additional sheets to meet your needs. 
  • On the sheet entitled "ButtonValues" you can change the scale or points students can earn. 

Go back to the Chrome tab with kidPicker (Google Apps Script) and refresh. Choose your section and your first student is selected. Give them a score or mark them absent. Your kidPicker participation tracker Sheet keeps track of the date and points given. 

*Bookmark this page so you can access your kidPicker quickly.

Here's a link to a 5-minute video explaining the installation process.