Monday, September 7, 2015

Geeking Out - Google Updates

Life is good….Google released even MORE updates yesterday to the tools we all know and love. (Yes…we are geeking out) #Googledomination
Now for the updates….(Here is a quick preview list. Click on the links below in order to read more about the updates and see them in action)
1.   Voice typing in Google Docs
2.      Easily see new changes in Google Docs
3.      Revamped Google Forms (You have to opt in to try the new Google Forms)
4.      Google Fonts preserved in Microsoft products
5.      The new Explore option in Google Sheets – analyzes your data and automatically creates charts and surfaces based on the information (Seems pretty powerful)
6.      Partial cell formatting in Google Sheets
7.      Templates in Docs, Sheets, and Slides – Numerous options in order to help you focus on content and not formatting (Some really great options available)
8.      New themes/color schemes in Google Slides
Click here for more information about these awesome updates.
In addition to the Google Drive/productivity updates, Google rolled out a new Chrome extension called Share to Classroom, and it is a wonderful tool for classroom use! Teachers can push websites directly out to students, and it will automatically open up in the students’ Chrome browser. (Students must have this extension downloaded and enabled in order for it to work) If you are interested in using this new extension, click here to read more about its capabilities.

I will leave you with this…If you are looking for a great daily bell ringer activity, just Google Search Fun Facts.