Saturday, September 26, 2015

Simplek12's Teacher Learning Community

Is this your goal: "This is the year for me to shed my shell, make myself a little vulnerable, and grow professionally in this digital world I live in." That's a fabulous goal! Oh the places you can go to shed your shell and grow! This is an awesome place to go, home of the blue bunny slippers!

This is the place to go for PD in your PJs. I've been a member since 2012, so I can speak from experience about this fabulous resourceful site! SimpleK12 is an online professional development tool that incorporates teacher learning into a social platform, and promotes engagement by letting teachers accumulate points that they can trade in for rewards.  You can create a profile, track your PD through a transcript of courses and outcomes, and access a broad range of content.

PLN - Simplek12 is a great place to expand your PLN! Connect with teachers through forums and email-like messages. Find other teachers from all over the world who teach your same subject and collaborate. You can upload resources to share with others, access resources shared by others all while gaining points as you participate in the Community. These points can be used to redeem merchandise (you have to get a pair of their bunny slippers), membership or content.

Webinars - SimpleK12 offers a plethora of webinars. Their presenters are very enthusiastic and passionate about their content. You can watch them live or watch at your own pace on-demand. The subjects range from organizational skills to the Common Core, and technology galore! What's more, you can answer their "Call for Presenters" and become a webinar presenter yourself!

Toolkits - SimpleK12 also offers a number of self-paced toolkits. These toolkits are mini courses. These courses are divided into segments and Simplek12 tracks your completion status.

Membership - Full access to the Simplek12 Community requires a membership fee. However, there is free limited-access to some of the features. Many of the webinars are offered to the public for free. After attending one of these webinars, a significant discount is offered to attendees. You won't ever regret joining this Community! If you are fortunate like I am, this year my District purchased three-year memberships for all our teachers and administrators!

In a nutshell, if professional growth is your goal, oh, this is the place to go - Simplek12 Teacher Learning Community! Follow them on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Linkedin, and Youtube to find out what's going on and what's coming up in the Community.