Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Tips for an Organized Google Drive

Staying organized during the school year can be hard - especially when you are managing multiple classes, teaching hundreds of students and collaborating with our colleagues.    As GAFE products and usage has increased, so has the size of your Google Drive. 

Here are a few different ways you can organize your school documents using Google Drive:
  1. Create Folders:  Folders allow you to organize similar documents into a folder in order to organize your files.  To create a new tile, click the "New" button the left-hand side, the select "Folder." Write the name of the new folder
  2. Color Code Your Files:  You can change the color of your folders to keep track of different classes.   To change the color of a folder
            1. Right-Click on the Folder
            2. Select "Change Color"
            3. Choose your color
  3. *Star* a File:  You can star any folder or file by right clicking the item then selecting "add star."  This basically creates a bookmark in Drive - which can be accessed from the "Starred option on the left-hand menu
  4. Grid View vs List View:  You have the option to display your files in either grid view or list view.  Grid View shows a thumbnail with a preview of the file..  List View arranges the files in a list.
  5. Add files in "Shared with me" to your Drive:  If you would like to organize documents that have been shared with you into your Drive folders, you can add the file from the Shared with me folder to your drive.  Find the file in shared with me.  click on the file  at the top or from the right click menu, click Add to My Drive.
  6. Add numbers to file names:  you can choose the order in which files show up, from alphabetical naming order to most recent files.  If you know exactly what you want to go to, number your files from the most important to least important.  That way, the files you really want will always be on top.  Right Click on the file of your choice and click on the Rename option.  From there, go ahead and put them in number order.
  7. The Difference between Add and Move:  A file or folder in Google Drive can be moved by dragging  it to a new location or by selection the items and clicking the "Move to" folder icon.  Moving a file or folder from a shared folder into My Drive (or any other folder) is a move - not a copy, so the moved content is removed from the shared folder.  As a result:  Users will no longer see the moved files or folders in the shared folder.  Any permissions on the moved content that were inherited from the shared folder will be removed, and new permissions will be inherited from the destination folder. If you want to have the file in more than one folder location, simply Ctrl-Click when moving the file.  Then it will say that the file has been "added to the new folder instead of moved to that new folder.  When you "add" to your drive, the permissions are staying the same.