Monday, October 12, 2015

Figment - A Writing and Reading Community

I heard about today . . . since I don't know much about it, here's their Fact Page about Figment Groups especially designed for classroom teachers. Users have to be at least 13 years old!

So what is Figment?

Figment is an online community where young adults and teens come together to create, discover, and share new reading and writing.
Figment is also an innovative, exciting teaching tool, already being used in classroomslibraries, and other educational settings around the country to inspire and engage young readers and writers.

And what are Figment Groups?

Figment offers two types of groups—public open groups for our general users to connect over anything from poetry writing to Bieber-mania; and private closed groups for our educator community.
Private groups look very similar to the public groups, but with added benefits. You can limit membership to your class, library, or organizational community, and other Figment users can’t see inside your group.
Through these user-friendly, intuitive virtual writers’ workshops:
  • Students can create and revise writings in the safe space of a private group, sharing their works-in-progress, as well as commenting and reviewing, only with other members and their teacher.
  • Teachers can post and update assignments, share links to relevant materials around the web, and monitor student writing.
  • Using the group discussion tool, students and teachers can have class discussions, ask questions, and share outside resources.
  • Once complete, students can publish their writings to the entire Figment community, therein taking advantage of one of the largest authentic audiences for student writing on the web.