Monday, November 16, 2015

Google Apps for Education - Math Resources for K-12

Chrome Apps and Extensions, along with Google Drive Add-ons and Apps, can provide valuable support for Math Classrooms.

Recently Jennifer Carey posted  4 Math Add ons for Google Docs on the Free Technology for Teachers Blog. The post included several add-ons that I have never used, so I decided it was time to update my own list of resources connecting Math to Google Apps for Education.

The included resources cross over multiple categories of curricular skills. Clicking on a resource link will give a longer description that will include images and sometimes an introductory video.

Here are the three resources I added based on Jennifer's post:
Sometimes you just want a simple calculator! No more rearranging windows or clicking back and forth, just to do some basic math.
Use Wizkids CAS to plot graphs and solve equations with the powerful math tool in your document.
Formula Editor lets you to easily type mathematical equations from the sidebar in your Google Doc.

What would you add (pun intended) that we've missed?