Wednesday, November 4, 2015

The Google Sheets Add-On Every Teacher Should be Using!

I attended a conference this summer and one of the presenters left a quote that really stuck with me.  "With all that teachers have to do, if an activity could be automatically graded for you, why wouldn't you use it"!  

Introducing or Reintroducing Flubaroo.  

 Flubaroo will quickly or grade multiple choice or fill in the blank assignments.  Flubaroo is a powerful tool that you Add-On to a Google Sheet that is receiving responses from a Google Form. But Flubaroo is much more than a grading tool, Flubaroo will analyze your students submissions.

More Flubaroo Can Do For YOU!

  • Compute the average assignment score
  • Compute average score per question and flags low scoring questions
  • Shows you a grade distribution graph
  • Give you the option to email each student their grade and the answer key
  • Lets you send individualized feedback to each student

Try Flubaroo as a Student

Check Your Email for Your Results After Submitting

Set Up Your Own Flubaroo

There are FIVE Steps to Take to Make this Magical Tool Work for You.
  • Create an Assignment Using Google Forms
  • Be the First Person to Complete the Assignment
    • Be Sure to Get All the Answers Correct - This Becomes Your Answer Key! 
  • Assign It to Your Students.
    • Give them the Link to the Google Form, Post the Form in Google Classroom or on Your Class Website, Whatever Works Best with Your Class Workflow.
  • Install Flubaroo in the Add-Ons Menu or Click Here and Click to Grade the Assignment
  • Review Your Student Submissions
The creator of Flubaroo has posted these five steps as well.  

(Watch a Demo of Flubaroo)

Please post any questions you may have on using Flubaroo or Google Forms as well as any unique ways you have used Flubaroo with your students.  Hope you found this post to be valuable and that you will take advantage of this great resource!