Thursday, December 3, 2015

Google Search Tips you Probably Didn't Know About

I recently saw a post by The Gooru with a list of Google Search tricks that I didn't know about.  Here are a few that I thought I would pass along.....

  • Timer:  if you search "timer,"  you can pull up Google's timer, set it to how long you want.
  • Flights:  Looking for flights?  Just search "flights to_____" and google will bring you up available flight times as well as links to the airlines for easy booking.  Unlike other flight booking sites, google connects you directly to the airline and does not charge you a fee.
  • Graphing Calculator:  Google can now graph any function entered into the search bar as long as your enter graph before the function.
  • Comparisons:  looking for the difference between iPhone and Android?  Or the nutritional facts of a Sweet Potato and a Red potato?  Enter in the two options with "vs" in between and see a side by side comparison of the two items.
  • Can't remember all the words to what you are looking for?  Just substitute an * for the words you don't know.  Google will find terms that match the phrase using asterisks as variables.