Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Get Quick Test Results with GradeCam

 GradeCamHave you heard about GradeCam? Using this site, teachers can grade multiple-choice assessments in a flash! 

Here's how it works.
  1. Create a multiple-choice assessment (up to 100 questions).
  2. Sign up with GradeCam for free and get 60 days of full service for free.  
  3. GradeCam will install a couple of necessary plug-ins and ask for permission to use your webcam or document reader. 
  4. Create a class and add students in GradeCam. Students are given a unique GradeCam id, or you can simply use their student ID. 
  5. Create an Assignment. The assignment becomes the multiple-choice key used to score your assessment. Complete the general description and then assign the correct multiple-choice answers and give point values for each question. 
  6. Print your GradeCam answer documents for your class. You have two choices, blank forms where students would bubble in their unique id; or an answer document that has the unique id bubbled in for each student and also prints the student name in the upper left-hand corner. (Make sure to select the correct amount of questions). 
  7. Choose the class and select Student Mode. This opens the camera and 
  8. Students take the assessment and use the answer document to bubble in their answer choices. When they are finished, they simply walk over to your computer, allow the webcam or document camera to "see" the sheet and it instantly gives the student the results. 
When all tests are complete, you can take a look at a detailed analysis of the assessment. Viewing the Item Analysis reveals answers in a graph format. 

The site also allows grades to be exported right into most types of online grade books. 

Overall, this is so fast. Students get results right away, you don't have to spend any time grading, and the scores get entered right into your grade book! 

After the 60 days of free service, you do have to subscribe. Subscriptions are $15 a month. There are ways to gain free months by sharing the site with other educators! Spread the word . . . GradeCam is awesome!

Here's the site: