Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Find Chrome's Saved Passwords

Passwords.    It's hard to keep track on them.  Everywhere you go nowadays seems like you need a password. I have a system for my more secure passwords but for all those other sights that require me to create an account and login, I often forget those.  If you use Chrome and have it set to save your passwords, you already have a repository of login and password details saved in your browser.  And it is easy to access from your primary device in case you need to look up a password.  All you have to do is go into your Chrome Settings->Show Advanced Settings and Under Passwords and forms, click on "Manage Passwords".  Here you will find all the saved logins and passwords.  Click on the hidden password field and Google will require you to enter a password before you can access the password.
It isn’t exactly a brand new feature, but it seems like it isn’t widely known.
If you’re apprehensive about letting Google store your passwords this way (anyone who gains access to your Google account could also find your other account details on this page), you have two options: either turn off password saving in Chrome or encrypt your browser data while syncing

If you choose the second option, Google will still save your login details, but they won’t be visible on the Passwords page. Here’s how to enable it:

Open the Settings menu in Chrome and click ‘Advanced sync settings…’
Encrypt all synced data with your own sync passphrase
Set a secure passphrase that you can memorize and click OK
And you’re done — Google’s Passwords page will no longer display any account details. If you want to bring them back, open the advanced sync settings menu again and click ‘Use default settings’.