Wednesday, February 10, 2016

How has Google Changed Teaching and Learning?

How has Google Changed Teaching and Learning in Your Classroom?

Google parent Alphabet recently passed Apple as the world’s most valuable company. This should hardly come as a surprise. Do a quick search using your favorite search engine with the keywords Google / Alphabet and you will see a connection to just about every segment of our daily lives.

In the education field Google Drive, Chromebooks, Google Classroom, YouTube, and many other Google resources have impacted the way many teachers and students engage in learning. There is an almost unlimited collection of resources and ideas connected to Google Apps for Education. As many classrooms become more student-centered the learning shifts from finding answers to exploring questions.

I’ve made no secret that I am all in when it comes to Google in my Classroom. I can’t think of another resource that has had a bigger impact on how I organize my classroom and support my students.

How has Google impacted the pedagogy of your classroom? What resources can you share to help educators make the most of Google Resources and EdTech?

Here are some resources connected to GAFE: