Saturday, February 27, 2016

How Many Ways Can You Open a Google Doc?

How many ways are there to open a new Google Doc? Let's count the ways . . .
  1. This first way works when your Google Drive is not open on the tab you are currently working on, in fact, your Google Drive doesn't even need to be opened, you just have to be signed into Google Chrome . . . use the extension Google Docs Quick Create. I place this extension right next to the Omnibox so it's quick and easy to access.
  2. Did you know you can go to Try it and then bookmark it and you'll have two ways in one. This method brings you to a "home" base for all of your current Google Docs. It's a way to view your Drive and only see your Docs. It also gives you quick access to Doc templates. Click on the + to open a new Doc.
  3. Also outside of being in your Google Drive, click on the colorful Apps "Waffle" to reach your Apps page, which usually sits on the left side of your bookmarks bar. After clicking on that waffle if you don't immediately see an icon for Docs, add it through the Web Store and then position it so it's easy to see and to use quickly. 
  4. Then there is the "normal" way while in your Google Drive, just click the New button and
    select Docs. 
  5. You can also open a Google Doc by clicking on the 9 cubes on the right side your Google Drive.
  6. One other choice that shows the same options as the New button is clicking on the black and white My Drive located above the file listing of your Drive.
  7. With your Google Drive on the current tab, here's the quickest way that does not require you to take your fingers off the keyboard . . . use the shortcut: Shift+t.
  8. Finally, while in any app, Docs, Sheets, Drawings, or Sheets, click on File and hover over New for the fly out menu. Choose Docs from there.

There are a lot of ways to open a Google Doc. Which way is your favorite?