Monday, February 15, 2016

Mic Note - Voice Recorder & Notepad

Mic note is a Chrome Productivity App that is both a Notepad and Audio Recorder. There is both a free version and a paid version. 

Classroom applications:
  • Record audio as the students take note.
  • Record activities or experiments with a webcam as you add notes.
  • Insert images or diagrams and verbally describe them. 
  • Record an interview as you take notes on key points.
  • Practice writing and speaking in foreign languages. 
Key features: 

  • Auto timestamps Taking notes while recording voice in the same time, automatically inserts timestamps for your notes. The free version allows for 10-minute recording per note. The Pro Version is up to 4 Hours per note.
  • Insert resourcesThe notepad allows you to insert images, PDF files, and Google files from your device or Google Drive. 
  • TranscriptionA set of tools helps you transcribe recordings with full keyboard shortcuts. 
  • SharingShare notes on the web. 
  • Editing recordings (Pro Version only)After recording, you can edit recordings at any time, deletion, trimming, inserting, extracting.
The paid version currently has a one-time fee of $14.99. 
When you first add the App from the Chrome Store, it will include a two sample notes. The first includes some basic details and instructions to connect your notes to Google Drive or Dropbox. The second is a sample note with a recording of a Steve Jobs speech. 

How could you use Mic Note in your classroom?