Saturday, March 12, 2016

Documentation of Observations Made Easy

Documenting observations is now as easy as hitting submit on a Google Form. It's made easy with docAppender - yet another useful Form Add-on. 

What is it? It's just that . . . the power to append Google Form submissions to the end of a specific Google Doc.
Here are some ideas to use docAppender:
  • Keep a Google Document per student where you log a running record of observations around a particular skill or for behavior monitoring.
  • Great way for administrators to document teacher classroom observations. Administrator can share the Doc with the teacher.
  • Exit slips to easily measure individual student’s grasp of the lesson taught.

Here is how to get started with docAppender:
  1. Create a folder and title according to your needs (i.e., Class Period, Student Docs, Teachers, etc.).
  2. In the folder create:
    • a doc for EACH class period, student, or teacher
    • a new Form
  3. On the Form:
    • Make the first question:  "What class period are you in? or What is your name?"  or Teacher's Name" The question should be  a multiple choice question.  You don't need to add  the “choices,”  the Add-on  will pull the names of the files you created.  
    • Add any additional questions you need to meet  your needs.
    • Install docAppender from the Add-on menu.
  4. Once you install the Add-on (you will need to agree to a couple of things, then go up to Add-ons and choose DocAppender and follow the steps:
    • Step 1: Target Doc Folder - Select "choose a different folder" and pick the folder that you created in Step 1.  
    • Step 2: Doc-picker Question - Choose the multiple choice question that will determine which document(s) to append with the Form submissions.  In essence,  you are saying:  when I select student "A" put the Form submission at the end of  document "X".
    • Choose "Save a populate selected question."  Now you will see the “choices” matching the Docs you created in the target folder.  If you add another Doc to the targeted folder, docAppender auto-refreshes hourly and on each Form submit.
    • The next screen will list all the questions on the Form.  Choose the ones you want the Add-on to pull and populate on the targeted Doc.  
    • On that same screen you will need to choose how you want the information to populate in the Document.  There are three  options. Experiment with them to see which you like best.
    • That’s it!  The Form will populate the documents each time there is a form submitted.

I’m sure you can think of many ways to use this useful Add-on, docAppender, created by our friends from New Visions Cloud Lab.