Friday, March 11, 2016

Quizizz - Class Quiz Game

Students love classroom quiz games.  And teachers love them for formative assessment and test review.  Quizizz is similar to Kahoot (another free quiz platform) but with a few key differences.  Like Kahoot, the teacher chooses a quiz to begin.  A five digit came code is provided.  Players point their browser to and input the game code along with their names.   Kahoot is designed to show multiple choice questions on a screen and students respond by clicking buttons on their devices that corresponds to the answers they want to choose.  Quizizz takes a different approach.  Students see questions and answer options on their own screens.  The question order is randomized for each student.  No need to wait for other players to answer to continue to the the next one.
So, Quizizz is player-paced while Kahoot’s pace is determined by the teacher or host. This is the major difference and can be a benefit or a drawback. If you want to pause after each question, then Kahoot is better. The class can stop and discuss after each question, immediately addressing misconceptions. With Quizizz, players zip through questions at their own pace, limiting all discussion to after all questions have been answered.

When you host a Quizizz game, you get to see a real-time view of the game's results. Quizizz shows the total number of questions that have been answered correctly and incorrectly. Quizizz also displays real-time progress bars for each player. At a glance you can see how many questions a player has got right, answered incorrectly, and have left to answer.

Since Quizizz does not rely on the whole class seeing questions projected on a big screen, Quizizz games have the "homework" option which can keep the quiz open for up to two weeks. With this option, Quizizz games can be assigned as homework or be part of a learning station or center.

Quizizz provides eight game settings to give the host quite a bit of control over the quiz settings. When you click Play or Homework, you can change the Question and Game Settings. While having a leaderboard and question timer stokes competition, you can turn these off for when you want students to slow down. Deactivating the leaderboard and timer can also be good for students who might feel too much anxiety when competing.

Teachers can view reports to see currently running quizzes and completed quizzes. You can also download a color coded Excel spreadsheet with the data.

You can start a quiz from scratch or copy and edit an existing quiz from their library of quizzes. Each question must be multiple choice and have between two and four possible answers and only one correct answer. Each question can have one photo, which is displayed behind the question’s text. Currently, responses are limited to text.

When you edit, you can teleport questions from other quizzes right into your current quiz. This can be quite a time saver.