Monday, March 14, 2016

The Zaption Chrome App - Interactive Video Learning Experiences

“YouTube is more than just cat videos,” says Charlie Stigler (Zaption founder). “With Zaption any teacher can tap into all the great educational content online and quickly create video lessons that are more engaging and meaningful.”

The power of YouTube as a learning tool is no secret to educators around the world, but it isn't always easy to know if  students engage in a video when it is shared.
There are many great tools that can help a teacher use YouTube videos more effectively.  Zaption is one of these tools that connects to Google Classroom.

Why use Zaption?
  • Build quizzes into the video experience.
  • Great tool for 1 to 1.
  • Supports blended learning.
  • Supports flipped learning.
  • Supports problem based learning.
  • Allows for differentiated learning.
  • Live discussions.
  • Analytics for instructors.
  • Works with a variety of online video sites including YouTube and Vimeo.
  • Zaption has its own video library that is ready to use. 
Click here to access and install the Zaption Chrome App.

Description of the Chrome App
  • Turn online videos into interactive learning experiences that engage learners and track progress. 
  • Get more from YouTube! Zaption’s interactive videos engage students and track their progress.
  • Create your own video lessons in minutes by adding images, text, quizzes, and discussions to existing videos from YouTube or Vimeo. Or copy and customize high-quality, ready-to-use lessons from Zaption’s growing curriculum library. 
  • Interactive video lessons can be shared privately with a simple link or shared in Gooogle Classroom – making Zaption perfect for blended learning, flipped classrooms, and online classes. 
  • Zaption is optimized for Chrome and works great on laptops, Chromebooks, and Android devices. Students can also access their lessons via our native iPhone and iPad app. 
  • Whether students access their video lessons in the classroom or on the go, Zaption’s award-winning analytics track all student activity and responses, giving instructors just the right amount of actionable data to personalize instruction. 
  • With Zaption, teachers can finally see what students are thinking as they watch a video!