Monday, April 4, 2016

End Cyberbulling with Reword - Chrome Extension

Cyberbulling is real.  It is a tough problem for many teens and adults alike. The old advice of "Just Walk Away" or "They are just words" doesn't seem to solve the problem.  We are still triggered.  We are still hurt.    But the new Chrome extension Reword can help raise awareness to people who just might think twice before posting harmful and hurtful words.  Reword notices certain words you type that it considers abusive.  If it catches the, it draws a red line through them with reminders such as "Remember you are writing to a person" and "Would you want the world to know you said this?"

Created by the folks behind the mental health app Headspace in collaboration with advertising agency, Reword's mission is more than just a red line through offending words. On their website, they share dizzying stats about the results on online bullying, revealing that 65% of people in the United States 18-29 years old have been harassed online. In Australia, one of every four students is bullied in school, according to the federal government, while 84% of students who were bullied online were also bullied offline.

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