Monday, April 11, 2016

Overwhelmed with Grading? Look No Further.....JoeZoo has your Back!

With the help of Google Docs, creating has never been easier and more collaborative for our students. In addition,the Google Drive helps provide a paperless classroom and eliminates clutter for teachers. With the increase in production, it can be difficult for teachers to keep up with the grading load. JoeZoo is a beneficial grading Add-on that helps teachers eliminate the hours of grading required to keep up with student production with three grading tools: (1) Writing Feedback, (2) Rubric Builder, (2) Grading Assignments. The tools “are automated, teacher-designed, preloaded with feedback and require no student installation.”  This Add-On will make teachers feel at ease as they have their students create, create, and create in their student-centered classrooms. #whatsup

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