Monday, April 25, 2016

Stay Organized with Google Keep

Google Keep is a beneficial note taking app that works directly with users’ Google Accounts. In Google Keep, users can store text, images, and links. In addition, notes can be shared with other Google users in order to take collaboration and communication to the next level. Notes can be color coded, tagged, and reminders can be set for organization and accessibility. If you have not tried Google Keep, you are missing out!

It gets even better.....Google released an extension last week that allows users the ability to save items to Google Keep in a single click. It saves URLs, text, and images. During this process, users can take notes on the saved content and add labels. From there, it saves directly to Google Keep.

Between the web version, new Chrome extension, and wonderfully developed mobile App, staying organized has never been easier thanks to Google Keep!  

Click here to learn more and install the new Google Keep extension