Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Awesome Google Updates - Classroom and Slides

Google Classroom Update
Great news....Google Classroom released a new feature last week in order to celebrate Teacher Appreciation Week and give thanks to teachers all over the world. You will be happy to read that this update will enhance the use of Google Classroom with our students. You can now schedule all posts (announcements, assignments, and questions) in Google Classroom for a later date and/or specific time. This feature will provide a great opportunity for teachers who like to plan ahead and get organized for the week, month, unit, year, etc. hero_logo.png

Coming Soon...

It is finally happening!!!! Next fall, Classroom will offer parent/guardian notifications in order to keep them in the loop with what is happening in your class.

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Google Slides Update - Q&A
Google just released a Q&A feature to use with Google Slides to give the viewers an opportunity to ask questions as they view a presentation. Slides Q&A is a back channel and provides a way to interact with audience members.

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Wilson's #whatsup Tutorial 

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