Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Google Classroom Tips and Tricks

Google Classroom is a great workflow solution from Google Apps for Education.
It is important to understand that Google Classroom is not a traditional website that teachers can fully customize. Google classroom is also not a full Learning Management System.
Google Classroom is a great communication resource for teachers and students. Classroom allows teachers to post announcements, assignments, ask questions, share resources, and create a calendar of due dates in a secure online location.
Google Classroom is an essential tool to support collaboration, communication, and digital workflow connected to Google Apps for Education.

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Google Classroom Tips, Tricks, & Training Resources

Google Classroom - Teachers
Google Classroom - Students

  • Teachers can add students directly or share a code with their class to join.
  • Teachers can add co-teachers. 
  • Google Classroom helps teachers organize, distribute, and collect student classwork and homework paperlessly. 
  • Teachers can seamlessly integrate Google Drive resources to create and share activities.
  • Teachers can provide feedback for in-progress and completed work,
  • Communicate with their students directly and with whole class announcements--all without using a single piece of paper.
  • Use the Google Classroom App to annotate PDF files on their mobile device.  
  • Connect due dates to a shareable Google Calendar connected to classroom
  • Post poll questions and exit slips.
  • Create and facilitate online discussions.
  • Create drafts & copy posts from different classrooms (Including archived classes. )
  • Connect selected web apps and resources directly Classroom. 
  • Connect parents to Google Classroom with Guardian Summaries.
  • Tag posts with customizable topics. 
  • Students can work on assignments in Google Docs and turn it in with a few clicks.
  • Students can easily see due dates on their assignments page, so they can stay organized and submit work on time.
  • Students can post questions connected to announcements or assignments 
  • Students can stay connected by receiving an email when a teacher posts a new assignment or announcement. 
  • Classroom creates a folder in Google Drive that automatically stores/organizes their class work.
  • Connect with the updated mobile app. 
  • Participate in online discussions and respond to questions. .
  • Share resources directly with their teacher using the Share to Classroom extension.
  • Use the Google Classroom App to annotate PDF files on their mobile device. 
  • Access essential resources posted by their teacher in the about section of the course

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