Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Resources to Support Productivity and Efficient Workflow

We can't use yesterday's pedagogy or yesterday's technology to effectively teach and learn today. We must grow and adapt to meet the needs of all learners. Technology is a tool to enhance teaching and learning. 

Technology provides teachers and students with incredible access to a world of resources and ideas. Technology supports life-long learners in student-centered classrooms.
There are many incredible Chrome Extensions, Google Apps, and Drive Add-ons that can help teachers and students save time.
We've put together a document with some of our favorites connected to education. The primary purpose of this document is to connect teachers and students to GAFE resources that will save them time. The secondary purpose is to connect learners to apps, add-ons, and extensions that enhance Chrome and Google Drive as tools for teachers and students.
Apps and Extensions to Support Productivity & Workflow