Monday, September 12, 2016

Amplify Teacher Voice Using TED-Ed

Passion, thought, creativity, and purpose all go into building a classroom lesson that will benefit our students. A dynamic classroom lesson includes engaging content and formative assessments that check students' understanding of the content. TED-Ed provides an outlet for teachers to create, share, and search for lessons that are "worth sharing" with other educators. Their lessons are designed to spark creativity and critical thinking, and assessment tools are included to check for understanding.

TED-Ed's video based lessons include a video to start the lesson, questions to consider/answer, more resources in order to dig deeper, and guided questions to discuss with others completing the lesson. 

Visit TED-Ed to...
  • Search by content, student level, video duration, and subtitles
  • Customize lessons you find in order to meet the needs of your class.
  • Create your own TED-Ed lesson by finding a video, adding questions/prompts, sharing your lesson with students, and tracking their progress. 
Watch the video below to learn more about this powerful resource. 

In addition to TED-Ed, here is a list of other beneficial video assessment tools: