Friday, September 23, 2016

Get more out of your Revision History in Google Docs

We all know that Google Drive has a revision history embedded in the file menu where you can see the revision history of the document.   This allows you to see who has revised the document at any given time.  But what if you want to find out more information about the revisions?  I recently came across a new Google Doc Add-On called "Revision History Analytics" that does exactly that.  When you add this add-on and view the dashboard, you get a window of nice graphs that give you are more in-depth analysis of the revisions.  It will tell tell you how many revisions were done by each user (along with a graph), the number of total edits by a user and how many comments done by each user.

This tool can be helpful when you may be assigning a collaborative assignment and you want to see how the work was distributed.

Another useful tool in Google Docs is the "Draftback" extension for Chrome.  The Draftback extension will turn your Revision History into a short "movie" so you can see the revisions take place sequentially.  This tool is a good way to see what the students are contributing to the process.  It also can use be used to see if students are copy and pasting large amounts of text that may be an indication of plagarism.