Friday, September 2, 2016

Recap for Quick Feedback

There are a ton of good (and free) formative assessment tools for teachers these days: Kahoot, Socrative, Plickers, PollEverywhere, etc. Most are easy to use and can provide quick and powerful assessment information you need for teaching.

Recap is a newcomer to this line up that allows you to collect student answers in the form of short videos. Teachers can use their laptops to create recaps and students can respond using their smartphone, their Chromebook or other computers.

Quick Start Guide for Recap
A short guide to setting up your account and creating your first Recap.

It is very simple to use. 
  • The teacher creates a recap question using a short video or just text and assigns it to his or her class. 
  • Students respond by recording a short video clip and clicking on a thumbs up / down self-assessment poll button. 
  • Teachers can view the responses all at once in a continuous video reel, can watch each video  individually or by groups according to how students answered the self-assessment poll question (e.g. all of the Got it responses at one time). \
  • The video recording and playback all takes place within the program, so there is not need to use outside programs like YouTube.

Example Dashboard of Completed Recaps

The site is still in beta. In other words, they are still in the "almost totally ready" stage of development, but  their website says several key features are in development and will appear this fall. For instance, Google Classroom integration, the ability for students using an e-mail login to work with more than one teacher (there is a temporary workaround), ability to add co-teachers and parents. To see the features in development, see their website.